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Microsoft gives you the possibility, since the new Windows 8.1 operating-system, to synchronize informations from a specific device to another system. This shall make it easier to switch between a office pc for example and a mobile tablet. This features have been updated since Windows 8.1. Now Windows will sync automatically installed apps and settings on another device directly by the installation of the operating system. What is important for microsoft to do this operations is a microsoft live account and internet. If this is ready setuped the data will be safed on a jump to your Skydrive-folder. But where to find that data?


Introduction in deleting devices from Skydrive

In some cases you would like to delete this data from your account. This could be because you have lost a device, or you have given your tablet or Notebook to another person. Than of course you don’t want the new user to have any contact to your privat microsoft account. An additional reason to delete the connection of a device to your microsoft account could be that the syncronisation makes problems it can also be a good idea to delete a computer from the skydrive sync-list and add it new.


How to delete devices from Skydrive

To change or delete joined devices log-in with your Microsoft account on the Microsoft page Now click on the Settings-icon in the right corner of the window next to your username and choose options.
When the settings window is loaded choose device settings from the left side of the window.


Windows Skydrive devicesettings

Windows Skydrive devicesettings

Now you can see all the devices which is synchronysing with skydrive in a detailed list. To delet the files you have only to click on the delete button, and the device will be deleted from the list.

Important: Already installed apps and settings will not be deleted from your pc or tablet.


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