Windows 8 Tip – How to repair downloadproblems with the App Store


The Windows 8 App Store is a great tool to find the app which you are searching. With nearly one single click you will get the programm installed on your pc and ready for using. But what can you do, if you started a download, but the download got an error and will not finish? In some cases the windows app store will not let you download this app anymore. Or what can you do if the windows app search don’t show you the apps you are sure they are in the store? In this tip we want to help you by such problems. Here we will show you, how to reset the Microsoft app store if it is needed. Such problems most lie in the cache of the store from Windows 8 and can be repaired by resetting the cache.

How to repair the Windows 8 App Store

Microsoft seem to know that this problem can happen. They added a small tool to reset the cache of the App Store easily when it is needed. This tool can be found over the APP-search. The name of the tool is „WSReset.exe“ (write directly in the start menu WSReset.exe). Start the tool as administrator, by right-clicking it and choosing „start as administrator“. Windows App Store Screenshot__4_ The Windows Store reset tool The process takes only a few seconds. After it is finish you will get a message, that tells you that the operation was completed successfully. Windows App Store Das_Windows_8_Store_Reset_Tool_2 Abb.2 – Operation completed After that the Windows App Store should work perfect again.

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