Windows 8.1 – How to deactivate the skydrive integration


Windows-Logo-Windows failureIf you login in to Windows 8.1 with your Windows Live account, and you agree with the standard settings, you will get the Skydrive integration to your operating system. This possibility is very nice and easy for the people who are using the online storage from microsoft. If you are not using it, because of security for example, but you activated it because of some reason in the past it can be a really mess. It is not really easy to delete it from your system. How to switch the skydrive integration and synchronisation in Windows 8.1 off can be find in this our article.



Deactivating the Skydrive integration –  Windows 8.1 Pro editition

In this Windows 8.1 version you can switch the integration off by changing some settings in the group policies in Windows. To do that press the Windows-button + R and write in the field gpedit.msc. Open the program with Enter. In the window which opens go to computerconfiguration-administration-template-windows-components-Skydrive. If you reach there, choose the settings „Prevent the usage of skydrive for file storage“ with a double click and choose the setting „activated“.

Deactivating Skydrive integration –  Windows 8.1 (the standart version)

In the standard version of Windows 8.1 you will not find a „group-policies-editor“. In this version you will have to deactivate the Skydrive synchronization through a registry entry.

Windows 8.1-regedit

Windows 8.1-regedit

To do that open the registry-editor and go to the path


Than click with the right button on the key „Windows“ and choose „New“ – „Choose key“.
This new key will get the value „skydrive“. In this key we will have to enter a new DWORD value with the name „DisableFile Sync“ This value have to be opened. Give it the value „1“. Than it is done.

This changes will be added directly to your Windows system and will work without a restart of the system. To be sure that the settings have been added to your OS we would advice you to do a reset of Windows 8.1.




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