Websurfing – Tips and tricks in surfing the web


Who like or must surf more in the internet wants the surfing to be faster. In this case shortcuts can help by working with your browser. In this tips we will show you some tips and tricks for different browser. This websurfing tips are working perfect with the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Save the writing of www. and the .com extansion

Fast internet-users want to save time by using they’re web browsing tool. One easy but cool idea is to save the world wide web (www) or the .com by typing of a website. Use for this the shortcut  CTRL+Enter, after typing in the website name. For example „explipedia“ and CTRL + ENTER (www.explipedia.com).

Need „.net“ instead of „.com“?
Then use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

Jump back to the address bar without a click

If you are surfing a webpage and it don’t seems to be the right place, where you want to be, you want to change the page as fast as possible. To reach the address bar as fast as possible use shortcuts. This shorts will help you CTRL + L, F6, or ALT + D. All this shortcuts will help you tochange the page very fast.


Bring back a closed tab by Websurfing

May you got this problem to. You was surfing on a page and closed the tab after that and forgot to make a bookmark of it. Ofcourse now you can go to the history of your browser to find the closed tab and open it again. A faster way is to use the combination CTRL + SHIFT + T. This shorty opens your last closed tab directly.

Surfing privately on a computer

If you are on a shared used computer, you don’t want the browser to save your websurfing history, like cookies, or passwords. For this problems modern browsers, like Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox got the privat mode. To reach this you don’t need to go to the menu of your browser. Press the shortcut CTRL + Shift + N in Google Chrome or CTRL + Shift + P in Mozilla Firefox or the Internet Explorer to open the private surfing window.

Jumping through tabs by the websurfing

If you got more tabs opened, you will need a fast way to jump through them. Use for this the shortcut CTRG + Tab to jumb between the opened tabs, or CTRG + NUM (1, 2, 3, 4, …) to jump directly to the destinated tab in that numeric order.

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