How to turn programs for free into portable versions


Sometimes you don’t want to take your whole system with you if you only want to work with photoshop on work for example. May you have got only a windows tablet with you and you don’t want to fill it up with all your big programs, but still want to have the possibility to reach your software where ever you are.

In this tip we will show you, how to make programs portable, so that you can use them anywhere you are, without installation.

To change a program in a portable version, you will need a shareware tool with the name Cameyo. With the free version of the tool, you will be able to turn up to 6 programs in portable versions. You can download one of the 500 library programs directly by Cameyo, or turn a program by yourself in a portable version. To use the tool, you will have to register yourself on they’re website.


Make a program portable

The Tool Cameyo will perform for first a snapshot of your current system. After that Cameyo will let you install the software you want to turn into a portable version. This will be done virtually. After that Cameyo performs a second snapshot of your system. After the tool finished, Cameyo will compare the both snapshots and recognize the difference between the snapshot, to find out the changes, the new installed software have made. This changes will be used to do the EXE-file, which can be opened on every PC.


How to use the created portable EXE-file

Now you can copy that file on your prefered device. It can be an external hard-drive, an USB-Stick, or any other drive. If you now join the drive with another system and click on the EXE file, the program will open directly without any installation.


Of course not everybody will need a portable program. But in some cases it is very useful. For example a technician will need such a program if he/she is by a customer. Another very useful case is in holidays for example. With a portable software you don’t need to take your full system with you on vacation. You can use every computer to do your works.

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