Samsung 830 with 128GB in our test


This time we will have a look at the Samsung 830 Series with 128GB (find it here).


The SSD from Samsung (830 series) is tested in this article in the 128 GB version and offers 8 GB more than many of its competitors. Samsung advertises the SSD with a read and write speed of up to 520 MBps and 320 MBps. If this SSD can get to these high expectations, you will learn in this benchmark test.
Samsung says in they’re ad’s that this SSD is not just rearming your system, it will transform it. Also Samsung promotes the unique design, although it can not be admired after installation in the pc.
In the product content is not only the Samsung 830 Series 128 GB SSD. You can find in it also a connecting cable, a mounting frame, software and instructions.
Samsung also announced that they have an almost perfect product with this SSD because it is manufactured ​​entirely in-house.
The software „Magician“, which is part of the product content speeds up the performance of the Solid State Drive and holds it constant high even after years of operations.

Test method of the  Samsung 830

To give you a clue of the SSD-power we did our test with different kind of tools.
A list of all tools which we use for our tests can be find here on our site.

The result

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)
intern-assd-bench-Samsung 830-128GB-830-18-01-2012


Crystal Disk Mark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-cdm-bench-zufall-Samsung 830-128GB-830-18-01-2012

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-assd-kopier-bench-Samsung 830-128GB-830-18-01-2012

Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-atto-bench-io-Samsung 830-128GB-830-18-01-2012

Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test with multi access

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-atto-bench-overlapped-Samsung 830-128GB-830-18-01-2012

The Conclusion

The Samsung 128GB SSD 830 series is in the top range of the SSD’s. The reading rate is around 500 MBps, and the theoretical maximum writing rate at about 300 MBps. Taking the theoretical values, it is similar as Samsung promises and what stands on the package. The point which is really great, is the delivery content. The Samsung comes with a mounting frame (3.5 „) and the Norton Ghost software.

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