Adobe Photoshop shortcut key list


If you want to work quickly with Adobe Photoshop CC you will need some tips and tricks. The hint we are describing in this article are the Photoshop shortcuts. In this article we will show you the shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop CC and the other versions from Adobe Photoshop CS 4 till today versions.

Adobe Photoshop CC welcome_screen

The Adobe Photoshop CC shortcut:

Data menu
Effect Windows Mac
New Strg-N Cmd-N
Open Strg-O Cmd-O
Open As Strg-Alt-O
Close Strg-W Cmd-W
Save Strg-S Cmd-S
Save As Strg-Shift-S Cmd-Shift-S
Save a Copy Strg-Alt-S Cmd-Option-S
Save for Web Strg-Alt-Shift-S Cmd-Option-Shift-S
Page Setup Strg-Shift-P Cmd-Shift-P
Print Strg-P Cmd-P
Quit Strg-Q Cmd-Q
Jump to ImageReady 2.0 Strg-Shift-M Cmd-Shift-M
Help F1 F1


Edit menu
Effect Windows Mac
Undo Strg-Z Cmd-Z
Cut Strg-X Cmd-X
Copy Strg-C Cmd-C
Copy Merged Strg-Shift-C Cmd-Shift-C
Paste Strg-V Cmd-V
Paste Into Strg-Shift-V Cmd-Shift-V
Free Transform Strg-T Cmd-T


Image menu
Effect Windows Mac
Adjust Levels Strg-L Cmd-L
Adjust Auto Levels Strg-Shift-L Cmd-Shift-L
Adjust Auto Contrast Strg-Alt-Shift-L Cmd-Option-Shift-L
Adjust Curves Strg-M Cmd-M
Adjust Color Balance Strg-B Cmd-B
Adjust Hue/Saturation Strg-U Cmd-U
Farbton/Sättigung Strg-U Cmd-U
Desaturate Strg-Shift-U Cmd-Shift-U
Invert Strg-I Cmd-I
Extract Strg-Alt-X Cmd-Option-X
Liquify Strg-Shift-X Cmd-Shift-X


Layer menu
Effect Windows Mac
New Layer Strg-Shift-N Cmd-Shift-N
Layer via Copy Strg-J Cmd-J
Layer via Cut Strg-Shift-J Cmd-Shift-J
Group with Previous Strg-G Cmd-G
Ungroup Strg-Shift-G Cmd-Shift-G
Bring to Front Strg-Shift-] Cmd-Shift-]
Bring Forward Strg-] Cmd-]
Send Backward Strg-[ Cmd-[
Send Back Strg-Shift-[ Cmd-Shift-[
Merge Down Strg-E Cmd-E
Merge Visible Strg-Shift-E Cmd-Shift-E


Selection menu
Effect Windows Mac
Select All Strg-A Cmd-A
Auswahl aufheben (Deselect) Strg-D Cmd-D
Reselect Strg-Shift-D Cmd-Shift-D
Inverse Strg-Shift-I Cmd-Shift-I
Feather Strg-Alt-D Cmd-Option-D


Filter menu
Effect Windows Mac
Last Filter Strg-F Cmd-F
Fade Strg-Shift-F Cmd-Shift-F


View menu
Effect Windows Mac
Preview CMYK Strg-Y Cmd-Y
Gamut Warning Strg-Shift-Y Cmd-Shift-Y
Zoom In Strg-+ Cmd-+
Zoom Out Strg– Cmd–
Fit on Screen Strg-0 (Null) oderDoppel-Klick Hand-Werkzeug Cmd-0 (Null) oderDoppel-Klick Hand-Werkzeug
Actual Pixels Strg-Alt-0 (Null) oderDoppel-Klick Zoom-Werkzeug Cmd-Option-0 (Null) oderDoppel-Klick Zoom-Werkzeug
Hide Edges Strg-H Cmd-H
Hide Path Strg-Shift-H Cmd-Shift-H
Show Rulers Strg-R Cmd-R
Hide Guides Strg-; Cmd-;
Ausrichten Strg-# Cmd-#
Fix Helplines Alt-Strg-ü


Effect Windows Mac
Marquee M M
Move V V
Lasso L L
Magic Wand W W
Crop C C
Slice K K
Airbrush J J
Paintbrush B B
Stamp S S
History Brush Y Y
Eraser E E
Gradient G G
Blur R R
Dodge O O
Direct selection A A
Type T T
Pfadwerkzeuge/Path P P
Vector/Vektoren U U
Notes N N
Eyedropper I I
Hand H H
Lupe Z Z
Default D D
Quick Mask Q Q
Screen mode F F
Springen zu ImageReady Strg-Shift-M Cmd-Shift-M

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