Nokia Lumia 925 – The new Windows Phone 8 in the test


The new Nokia flagship „Nokia Lumia 925″ now comes, unlike his predecessor „Nokia Lumia 920“ in a chic aluminum design, improved camera and a 4.5 inch AMOLED display and is the next model of the cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia. This model shall make the products of the finnish manufacturer more attractive for the target audience. If this will work, what else is great or bad of this device and whether a purchase is recommended you will learn in this our article.

Nokia Lumia 925

The design

Nokia gives his new smartphone for the first time in the Lumiaera a metal frame. So, the frame around the Nokia Lumia 925 made ​​of aluminum, which makes it looks more elegant than the other models of Nokia. The aluminum rim has more benefits than just looking good. The frame is used by the device as an antenna and offers the smartphone a relatively broad reception area for the dataconnections like LTE, GSM or WiFi. On the back of the aluminum cover the Lumia 925 is completed by a polycarbonate lid. But the plastic fits very well in the design of the Lumia and feels very high quality.

Nokia Lumia 925 side view

An den Seiten verziert Nokia Das Gehäuse mit NOCH VIER Schmalen schwarzen Balken, sterben Das Lumia einwenig Wie Das iPhone 4 Wirken Lassen. Im Vergleich <br> zum Vorgänger IST Das Lumia 925 um Einiges leichter und dünner und zeigt das. Nokia Auch im Entwurf auf Matrize Wünsche der kunden Gehört Hut. So IST Das Lumia 925 Insgesamt 139 Gramm leicht und 8,5 Millimeter IST Nur dick (Das Lumia 920 Krieg 11 Millimeter dick und Hatte Ein Gewicht von 185 Gramm). Ansonsten Sind Abmaße relativ ähnlich zum Vorgänger. Es IST 129 Millimeter hoch und 70,6 Millimeter breit.

Nokia decorates the sides of the Smartphone case with four small black lines that let the Lumia 925 act a little bit like the iPhone 4. Compared to its predecessor, the Nokia Lumia 925 is much lighter and thinner. This shows us that Nokia is also trying to follow the needs of they’re customers in design. The Nokia Lumia 925 got a total weight of 139 grams and is only 8.5 millimeters thick (the Lumia 920 was 11 mm thick and had a weight of 185 grams). The other dimensions are simmilar to its predecessor. It is 129 mm high and 70.6 mm wide.


Durch das Lumia-typische „eckige“ Design, welches auch beim Lumia 925 beibehalten wurde und den sehr gut verbauten Tasten am Rand des Gerätes wirkt und fühlt sich das Handy sehr hochwertig an.
Bei den Farben müssen Farbenliebhaber abstriche machen. Das Lumia 925 gibt es nicht mehr wie beim Vorgänger in extrem vielen peppigen Farben wie rot, gelb, blau etc. sondern eher in schlichteren Farben. Das Lumia 925 ist in weiß, grau und silber erhältlich.

Through the typical „square“ design from Lumia, which is retained even in the Lumia 925, the buttons on the edge of the device and the phone itself looks and feels very high quality.
Only the lovers of different colors will be sad. The Lumia 925 will not come as the other Lumias in colors like red, yellow, blue etc. It will come in plainer colors. The Nokia Lumia 925 is available in white, gray and silver.

Nokia Lumia 925 02

The only drawback to the design of the Lumia 925, which we have noticed is the slightly protruding camera that lets the device totter a little on the table.

The Technic in the Nokia Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 is got a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 Dual-Cor Plus processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz. It is supported by 1 GB of RAM.
The 4.5-inch display is no longer an LC-IPS display. Now it is an AMOLED display. This has the resolution of 1280 x 768 and a pixel density of 332 ppi. The AMOLED display preserves boldness bright colors and excellent black levels.

Nokia Lumia 925 front view

Through the very good black levels the smartphone seems to be unified and without borders.

The camera

One of the jewels of the Nokia Lumia 925 is the built-in 8.7 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, an f/2.0 aperture and the improved PureView technology . With this technology the camera still makes very good pictures in low light conditions and provides a good figure even during rapid movements of the smartphone by taking a picture. As competitors for the photoquality from the Nokia Lumia 925 are only the previous Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC One.

The apps

For many smartphone buyers additional to the design and technology of a smartphone the apps are very important.
The apps in the Windows Store are getting much more from time to time, but still aren’t much as the apps from Android or Apple iOS. To mentioned are the Nokia apps if you are talking about the Apps of the Smartphone.

There is the Smart Camera from Nokia that enables to shoot cool photos and edit them.
In addition you will find Nokia’s own navigation system Drive +, the „maps“ software and the „Transit“ app for users of public transport. If you look in the Appstore of Windows Phone 8 you will find much more Nokia specific apps.

The conclusion

The Nokia Lumia 925 is a fast  and very nice looking smartphone. It fits very well in the hand, has an excellent performance with the operating system Windows Phone 8 and takes very good pictures. The Smartphone, which is a improved version of the Nokia Lumia 920, is a really buy recommendation.

Who got already the Lumia 920 should may think of a change to the new Lumia 925. But in our opinion is not really necessary, cause it is not much more than a very good upgraded smartphone.

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