Camera app from Windows phone 8 – With video


In this test we are not testing only the camera of the new Microsoft Windows Phone 8 smartphone system. In this test we are going to have a look at the newest features of the new camera app from Windows Phone 8. So have fun in expiring the new Camera features.

Effects before taking a photo with the camera app

A new features of the Lenses feature of the Camera app is that you can see what you will get by using a filter before shooting the picture. So, you will make your perfect shot directly and don’t have to delete wrong or bad pictures after shooting. windows-phone-8-camera-app-effekte

The Bing Scan feature of the camera app

The lenses are already cool to make pictures with a high contrast for example, but there are much more lenses, like the panorama lens, which helps you to do easily panorama pictures. Who wants more have the possibility to use Bing Scan to get information about a product. Only hold the smartphone in front of a barcode or a DVD Cover and get information to that product or the best price of it online. Such tools can be found of course too by other systems like Android or iOS, but by Windows Phone 8 they are directly implemented in the system camera. windows-phone-8-camera-app-linsen


There is also a feature with which you can make gif images. As popular example take a video of a person who waves his hand a few seconds. Then save this as a .gif image recording. This can then be send to friends, or be embed on websites or other social profiles. The result is that you have a small image of the person who is waving his hand. Funny feature.

The conclusion

In addition to the great features that are integrated into the camera app itself Windows Phone 8 shines with sharp and high contrast images and a unique camera stabilization in the smartphone market. All in all makes the shot taking unit of the smartphone a first-class camera. We noticed only one bad thing. By taking a gif image, the camera loads a little longer than by normal shooting. windows-phone-8-camera-app-effekt-vorschau

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