The Benchmark – Corsair Force GT 120GB (with video)


Corsair soaks they’re ultra-fast SSD’s in a fire-red color. Let’s see how they can perform.


The red color and the addition of GT stands by Corsair for performance. The Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD impresses with 555 MB / s reading speed and 515 MB / s writing speed and 85,000 IOPS , according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If this is really true, we will find out for you.
Before we will give you our recommendation the performance of the GT must be excellent, cause this supposed to be the hallmark of this fiery red SSD. Otherwise Corsair advertises in this solid state drive only the general features. The SATA III controller is backward compatible with SATA I and II, as well as longer life due to lack of mechanics and the low temperature development.
Included is not only the small 2.5-inch drive, but also a 3.5-inch mounting frame, which is intended for common PC cases.

How to install the Corsair Force GT and other SSDs can be learned in our SSD installation tip.


Test method

To give you a clue of the SSD-power we did our test with different kind of tools.
A list of all tools which we use for our tests can be find here on our site.

The result

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)


Crystal Disk Mark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)


AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)


Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)


Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test with multi access

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)


The Conclusion

Corsair also seems to love the ATTO test. The SSD got great values in this test. After all, this is the only test that can keep up with the promises from Corsair. Looking at the other tests you can see that the values don’t reach the promised level. But still the Corsair Force GT is a very good SSD.

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