Switch on the old task manager on Microsoft Windows 8


The new Windows 8 task manager have got much more features than the old taskmanagers from the older versions of windows. Who don’t needs them, or who want to have the old task manager back, can reactivate it with this our tip. Lets see how it works.


The new task manager

The Windows task manager got some very useful features, which has been added in the newest version of Windows. With a click on the details button the manager shows all his power.

1_Task manager-4702_Task manager
Picture 1 – The new task manager

After the click you will have the possibility to make changes in the user, process or performance section. A really addition is the clean and easy to understand interface of the taskmanager and the implemented autostart settings, which don’t need to be changed over the old msconfig window.

How to activate the old taskmanagers

The reactivation of the old taskmanager is really easy. It is not a rightclick  on the taskbar away, but still easy to find. Open the  Windows 8 search – Press Windowsbutton + F and write in the searchfield task manager. The taskmanager which windows shows you in the apps field is the old taskmanager and can be started with a click.

Who needs the direct location of the taskmanager have to look here: – %systemroot%\system32\taskmgr.exe

Now this file can be added on the startscreen or be added in the taskmenu. Who don’t whant the new taskmanager anymore, can set the old one as standard task manage. After changing it the old task manager will open the old taskmanager even with the shortcut CTRL+ALT+Del. For this go to the root of the task managers %systemroot%\system32\taskmgr.exe and search for the program tm.exe – this is the new Windows 8 task manager.  Put this one in another folder and change the old task manager file in the new task manager file – taskmgr.exe in tm.exe.

Now if you use the standart shortcut to open the taskmanager it will open directly.

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