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May it happened already to you – If you want to open an app on Windows 8 or 8.1 system this failure shows up:
… can not be started, when the explorer i working with administrator rights. Please restart the explorer and try it than again.
This happens as it have mentioned in the failure already if the explorer is in admin mode.

Why does the app failure happen?

If you didn’t switch the explorer into admin mode by your self may a installation did it.
Some programs turn the explorer in the admin mode, if they are installing. If the installtion didn’t finish correctly, sometimes the explorer stays in that mode and have to be set manually back to normal.

What to do to solve the app, explorer problem?

Only start the explorer new. To do this you can restart the computer. After that, the explorer is working without admin rights. A secound way to start the explorer new is to use the taskmanager. Open the taskmanager by pressing the right mouse button on the taskmenu and choose taskmanager in the menu. Here switch to details and search for explorer.exe in the list and choose it.

Explorer in Taskmanager

Explorer in Taskmanager

Now press TASK BEENDEN. The explorer will be shut down now. After that click on DATA / START NEW TASK and enter in the field explorer. If this is done finish with enter or a click on OK. After the explorer starts again, open your app again. Now it should work perfect again.


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