Softreset and hardreset – In this way you can reset your symbian phone


softreset symbian_osThere are still more people who are using handys and smartphones with Symbian (all Nokia models before Windows Phone). This people who are using the symbian phones, are not only people who don’t need smartphones they are too for people who want a tough and fast phone.

But not only smartphones have system problems. Symbian phones have problems and don’t work really to.

In this tip we will show you how to hard- or software reset by this telephones.

softreset symbian_ann_nokia_e7

The Soft- and hardreset of Symbian

Before trying a reset the phone it is good to take the battery out of the telephone and put it back again. Try to switch the phone after that on again. If you got a device, where you can’t take the battery out of it, hold the on-button for 8-15 seconds. Now the device will go off and will boot again. In the most cases this is enough.

If this is not working you have to try other things – a hardreset or a softreset.

The softreset shortcut is (from Symbian s40) is *#7780#
The hardreset shortcut is (from Symbian s40) is *#7770#

The telephone storage will be formated and the telephone will set the firmware on the storage „Z“ back to the factory settings.

Important: Save your contacts, messages, calender and if you need to save notes than save them too.

In this way you can format a the storage of the telephone if the device don’t switch on anymore.

Format S60…  

> * < + > 3 < + > green volume button < (hold it by the start)

Format S60… (with mediabutton) 

> * < + > 3 < + > Mediabutton < (hold it by the start)

Format S60… (Nokia 5800) 

>Camerabutton< + > red phone < + > green phone < (hold it by the start)

Format S60… (Nokia N97)

>Shift-button< + > Space-Button < + > Backspace-button < (hold it by the start)

Format S80… 

> Strg < + > Shift < + > F < (hold it by the start)


> Volume up < + > Camera button < + > Menu button < (hold it by the start)

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