Mozilla Firefox – How to save bandwidth by using different tabs


Who is using Mozilla Firefox, may had this problem already. You open the browser and open one tab after another. What happens is that the speed of the browser gets unbelivebal low. This tip is for people, who likes to open many tabs in the browser, but dan’t want, that the speed of the internet will get slowely. We will explain you why this happen, and how you can solve this problem.

The problem

The explanaition of this problem is really simple. Even if you don’t use all active tabs in the browser, they are still going to refresh by Mozilla. For example you will still get a message from Facebook, even if you are on another tab. So at the end is like you are surfing on many sides at once. And this cost bandwidth.

The clever solution for Mozilla Firefox

With this knowledge you have two different solutions. You will not use different tabs at the same time, or you could say Mozilla Firefox, to stop refreshing tabs, which are not used and only have an eye on your active tab. Only if you change the tab, the site shall be refreshed again.

This is possible with Mozilla Firefox. If you have this problem too download the Add-On UnloadTab.

The handling

If you installed the Add-on, you can start using it directly. The easiest way to deyctivate a tab is to click with the right-button on the tab and switch it over the opened contextmenu inactive. To reactivate a tab, follow the same way. Right-Click on the tab and choose activate in the context menu.

More comfortable is it, if you setup the tool do it automatically. Enter the add-on management of Mozilla Firefox (Firefox -> Add-ons) and open here the settings of the UnloadTab.

Mozilla Firefox unload-tab-bandbreite-sparen

Here you can set the time, after which the software will inactivate a tab. Try out what time is the best setting.

By the point „Unload exclusion“ you can choose which site shall not be inactivated. So for exemple you have a site with a lifeticker, the site should be set in this list.

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