Microsoft Windows 8 – Best tips and tricks – Part 2


Microsoft Windows is still one of the biggest and most used operating systems. Still today, 2013, are nearly 93% of PC’s are Microsoft Windows PC’s. The system got its faults and is not every time working very perfect. But it is very modificable and fast installed.

In this tips we will show you some tips and tricks with the operating systems from Microsoft, to speed up your work with the PC-system.

Microsoft Windows short cuts


Interrupt all processes in Microsoft Windows

Windows, sometimes you are very mean. Who don’t know this mind if Word or Photoshop don’t work anymore and freezes. In this case you got only one possibility – A force shut down of the program. This you can perform over opening the task manager by using the CTRL + ALT + DEL buttons. This will open the task manager in Windows XP. In windows Vista, 7 or 8 you will need to click in the opening window on start task manager. Here you can shutdown frozen programs directly.


Open the Task manager on the fly

Since Windows Vista the task manager don’t open directly by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. If you press this buttons the system opens a window, where you can shutdown the system or log of from Windows. With a click on Start Task Manager you will get the task manager. For this reason you got another possibility to start the task manager directly. Use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. With this shortcut you can close bad or faulty programs directly.

Minimize all windows

May you know this problem. By using your computer for a long day, you got many programs and windows open on your digital desk. Now you need something from your desktop, so you have to close all your windows, to open the new window from your desktop. The designers and programmers from windows saw this problem, so they added since Windows Vista the show desktop button in the bottom of the right corner of your monitor. This makes it much easier to reach the desktop. A much easier way, which works too for Windows XP users is to use the Windows button + D. This will close all Windows. By pressing the buttons again, all windows will be opened again. Note: Windows+M offers similar functions with one problem. You cannot open the windows amymore with the buttons, so you will need to open the windows manually.

This was the second part. Follow this link to the next Tip ->

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