Microsoft Windows 8 – Tips and tricks – Part 3


Microsoft Windows is still one of the biggest and most used operating systems. Still today, 2013, are nearly 93% of PC’s are Microsoft Windows PC’s. The system got its faults and is not every time working very perfect. But it is very modificable and fast installed.

In this tips we will show you some tips and tricks with the operating systems from Microsoft, to speed up your work with the PC-system.

Microsoft Windows short cuts


Directly closing programs in Microsoft Windows

It is a mess for you to move the mouse every time to the X button in the right top of a program to close it? Then we got the right way for you. As most of you will think you can use ALT+F4 to close windows directly. But there is another shortcut to. Press CTRL+W and the current window will be closed. Don’t forget to save your work in the program you are closing, before using this shortcut.


How to get system infos very fast

Every one of us know, how it is. You are thinking about to upgrade your system and you need the system informations of your windows PC. Of course you can go to the system settings and search for systems. Who needs it faster have to use a shortcut. With the Windows button + Pause/Break the system infos will open directly. Without a click or any movements of your hand. Easy and efficient.


The multiple monitor control

Here we got different shortcuts for you. Lets start with this. May, you want to snap a window to one of the sides of your screen. Here is the shortcut Windows+Arrow-keys. After pressing this buttons the Window will snap where you need it on the working place. If you need to push a window from one monitor to another one use the shortcut SHIFT + Windows button + Arrow-keys. This will snap a window to the other monitor.
One other shortcut, which is important to know is the fast monitor settings menu shortcut. To perform this press the Windows button + P. This will open the monitor quick setup, where you can make settings for duplicating, or extending your screen on a second screen.

This was the third part. Follow this link back to the first Tip ->

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