Kingston HyperX 3k 240GB Benchmark – The results – With Video


In this article we will show you the new Kingston HyperX 3k 240GB SSD. It is the actual flagship from Kingston with a unbelievable  reading speed of 555 MB/s. So lets see if it’s true.


The 240GB Kingston HyperX has been advertised with 555 MB/s reading speed and a writing speed of 510 MB/s (can be found here). This values are very exciting and should be proved by us. With adding the word „3k“ Kingston wants us to know, that the SSD is working with a powerful 3000 writecycles MLC-NAND-Chip. The „normal“ Hyper X models can trump up to 5000 write cycles. In addition, a visual change has been made in this SSD models. It is no longer blue. Now it is gray. It looks awesome!

The details of the Kingston HyperX 3k

The details are very similar to the details of the rivals. The form factor of the SSD is 2,5“. In the SSD is a SandForce Controller build in. The SSD is compatible to SATA III.

Test method

To give you a clue of the SSD-power we did our test with different kind of tools.
A list of all tools which we use for our tests can be find here on our site.

The result

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)
intern-as-ssd-KINGSTON HyperX 3k-240-gb-16.05.2012


Crystal Disk Mark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-cdm-KINGSTON HyperX 3k-240-gb-16.05.2012

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-as-ssd-kopier-KINGSTON HyperX 3k-240-gb-16.05.2012

Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-atto-io-KINGSTON HyperX 3k-240-gb-16.05.2012

Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test with multi access

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-atto-overlapped-KINGSTON HyperX 3k-240-gb-16.05.2012

Setup a SSD in a notebook

The Conclusion

The Kingston Hyper X 240 GB 3k placed high up in the overall comparison. Is surprising that the 240 GB version got much better results than the 120 GB version.
Kingston shows us once again how good their SSDs can be. The Kingston Hyper X 3k 240GB SSD is an absolute buy recommendation.

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