Intel 320 Series 300 GB SSD Benchmark


In this article we will show you what you will get, if you would buy the new Intel 320 Series with 300GB.


The Solid State Drive Intel 320 Series with 300 GB is a really large flash memory drive (you can found it here). With the built-in S-ATA II controller Intel promises a reading speed of 270 MBps and writing speed of at least 205 Mbps. We tested it for you.
The Intel 320 Series with 300 GB SSD is intended for private customers and businesses users. The special feature of this series is the special protections. For example, a power failure can be detected early and the ssd will protect your data automatically. The integrated advanced encryption standard technology (Intel AES) also protect your data from external threats and internal system problems.
The Intel 320 series probably offers one of the widest choices in the solid state drive range. You can select between 1.8 – and 2.5-inch models. In addition, the memory sizes can be 40GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 300GB or amazing 600GB.

Test method

To give you a clue of the SSD-power we did our test with different kind of tools.
A list of all tools which we use for our tests can be find here on our site.

The result of the Intel 320 SSD

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)
2-intern-asssd-bench-INTEL 320-SSDSA2CW30-12.10.2011


Crystal Disk Mark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-cdm-0fill-bench-INTEL 320-SSDSA2CW30

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-as-ssd-bench-kopieren-INTEL 320-SSDSA2CW30-12.10.2011

Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-atto-bench-INTEL 320-SSDSA2CW30-12.10.2011

Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test with multi access

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

intern-atto-bench-op-compression-INTEL 320-SSDSA2CW30-12.10.2011

Setup a SSD in a notebook

The Conclusion

Intel didn’t promises too much – the measured reading rates correspond to the information Intel gave us about the 320 Series with 300 GB. The writing rate even exceeded. In the end, the speed will be only limited by the older built-in S-ATA II controller. 415 € killer price is for this capacity ok and perfect for upgrading computers that don‘t have a S-ATA III connection.

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