Gparted – How to resize partitions


In this instruction we will show you, how to resize the partition if you clone your System with a clone tool to your new SSD with the tool GParted. If your systempartition is bigger than your SSD for example, you have to shrink it befor copying it on the SSD. For this you can use the freeware GParted.


To save some money, it is in some cases better to use a small SSD for the operating system and programs. For personal data, such as documents, pictures and videos a conventional HDD can be used, cause this files don’t startup with the system by booting it up.

All what you will need is GParted. With this tool you can change the size of partitions.

Important: To shrink a size of a partition the area have to be free from data. So please have a look at the free space of your destinated partition, before you start resizing the partition.

Reduce a partition size with GParted

Open GParted.

Step 1:
Click on the HDD system partition which size you want to adjust (1). Then click „Resize / Move“ (2).


Schritt 2:
The system partition of the HDD is too large for the SSD with 200 GB. Select „New size (MiB):“ (1) the new size of the system partition. The SSD is 120 GB in size, so the size will be adjusted to 100 GB. Click on „Resize / Move“ (2).


Tip: Leave a small area of the SSD partition free, 10-20% that the SSD-Controller have the possibility to use that space for writingprocesses.


Step 3:
To accept the changes, click on „Apply“ (1) and then again on „Apply“ (2).


The operation will be performed now.


Schritt 4:
Now all operations are completed. Click „Close“.


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