How to start Gparted – SSD Tipp


This explanation will show you how to open Gparted and change the standard keyboardlayout of the program.

For first download the Gparted Live Bootable Image from the developerpage here ->

Click here on download stable release



Click on the actual version


Download gparted-live-x.x.x-x.iso



Burn the image with a burningprogram

Now the HDD partition will get smaller to be burned on a DVD. So put a DVD in your PC and modifie the bootdirection if it is needed.


Start Gparted

Step 1:

Choose “GParted Live (default settings)” and press the enter button to start Gparted.


If you got problems with starting Gparted under Windows XP choose another SATA-Mode. In one test by us Gparted didn’t want to start in IDE–Mode. The failure which we got was “no live image detected”. After a change of the  SATA Mode in AHCI everything works perfect again.


Step 2:

For the first choose the right keyboardlayout. Choose “Select keymap from full list” and press enter.



Now scroll with the Page-Down button down till “pc / qwertz / German / Standard / Programmer” and confirm it with the enter button.


Step 4:

Set the value “10″ for the german layout and accept it with enter.


Step 5:

Press the enter button to activate the standart-modi.


Step 6:

Click on the top of the screen on „Gparted“ to startthe program.


Here you can see the screen of Gparted


With the point (1) you can choose between the installed hdd’s.

With the point (2) you can see the spaceusage on a harddrive with the partitions.

/dev/sda is the hdd. Partitions on a hdd will be marked with a number:

/dev/sda2 marks the reserved system partition by Windows 7

/dev/sda2 marks the system partition by Windows 7

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