SSD in a notebook – How to install it


Learn in this article how to install SSD’s in your notebook. Here you will get a text-based instruction and also a professional video tutorial.

Instruction – How to install a SSD in a Notebook

Astute readers already know how to install a solid state drive in a PC (tower case). But also in notebooks the installation can be easily done, through the small form factor of these flash drives. But this installation is very different than in a tower case. But the notebook will benefit from the much lower heat a solid state drive brings on board.

Link zum Video

What we will need?

For this installation will not much be needed, because it is not as hard as it looks like. The only tool which you will need in the most cases is a small cross-head screwdriver. Very few models will nee in addition to the screwdriver a Torx screwdriver.


Remove old HDD

First of all you need to turn your mobile computer, so that it is on the cover of the display. If necessary put a scratch protection between table and laptop. Now you need to find the slot for the HDD and to take off the cover. Normally this is the largest removable cover on the bottom. Some manufacturers also mark it with the word „HDD“ or a hard disk icon.

By some models, you have to unscrew a HDD frame before you can pull it out of the notebook. Then you can remove the hard drive from the board, usually by sliding the plate slightly to the left or right.


Install the SSD

Now you just have to screw the old HDD from the mounting frame, screw your new SSD in the frame and insert it in the HDD bay by firmly pushing the SSD to the ports till the SSD is joined with the ports. This is it already. Only put the drive cover back on the Notebook, screw it and you can go on with your new SSD!


Conclusion – Installing a SSD in a notebook

The exchange of an HDD to an SSD in a notebook is much easier than in a tower case. However, make sure that you never do anything with too much power. All steps should easily go out of the hand.

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