File explorer tips – How to use it faster


Everybody who is using a windows PC needs to use the file explorer from Microsoft, to edit files, delete them, or manage pictures and music on the PC. In this tip we wont to show you how to save time by using the file explorer with some small but useful hints.

Rename a file quickly in the file explorer

May you know this problem, you got hundrets of pictures, and you want to change they’re names. Ofcourse you can click on every one of the files and rename them with the mouse. A faster way is to use the function buttons. Use the button „F2″ to change the name of a choosed file. With the enter button your changes will be checked. If you need to change the name of the next file to press after entering the new name the TAB button instead of ENTER. This will let the cursor automatically to the next file.


Rename files sequentially

This tip is for every person, who have got many files witch need a sequently listed number in the filename. For this you will not need to download or buy a special program which perform so. It is implemented already in Microsoft Windows. Mark all the files, you want to change and select rename, or  use the F2 button. If now you change the name of the one file the other files will change automatically too with the same root but another suffix in brackets.

File explorer

Selecting multiple files using the keyboard in the file explorer

Sometimes you need to select in a folder more than only one file or folder. This can be by the mouse if you click on the first to select file and after that on the by holding the SHIFT button on the last file which is to select. But this can be done with your keyboard too. Choose the first file which you will have to select and hold the SHIFT button. Now press the  up or down button to select all files which you need. A faster way is to press the PgUp or Pg Down button by holding the shift button to select all the files over the selected file or under the selected file.

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