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If you was working with Windows 8 you was having the possibility to delet Wifi connections, if you was knowing, that Windows got a contextmenu for it.

Windows 8.1 don’t have this menu anymore. If you right-click on a connection nothing will happen. A click on disconnect will only stop the connection to that network, but will still save the SSID and the password.
Even by Windows 8 it was not so easy to do delete a connection. If the connection was not in the range of your computer, you couldn’t delet it from the contextmenu. In this tip we will show you how to delete a comnection from your Windows 8.1 system and how to delet a out of range connection on your Windows 8 system.
Here is how to do it.

Use a commandline to delet a wireless connection

To do this open a commandoline – this works to without adminrights – by pressing Windows+X and choosing from the menu the commandoline. Now enter this commands.
netsh wlan show profiles
After entering thic command you will get the the list of all Wlan profiles on your computer.
To delet a wireless profile add this comand
netsh wlan delete profile name=““
After you agreed with an enter the profile will be deleted. Go on with the profiles you want to delet.

Delet saved windowssettings and deviceinfos from windows skydrive
Microsoft gives you the posibility, since the new Windows 8 operatingsystem to synchronize informations from a specific device to another system. This shall make it easier to switch between a office pc and the mobile tablet for example. This features have been updated since Windows 8.1. Now Windows will synch installed apps on another device directly by the installation of the operating system for example. What is important to do it is a microsoft account and the data will be safe in Skydrive. But where to find that data? In some case you whant to delet this data from your account. This could be because you have lost a device, or you have selled your tablet or Notebook. Than of course you don’t want the new user to have any contact to your microsoft account. If the synchronisation makes problems it can also be could be good to delet a computer from the skydrive and add it new.
To change or delet joined devices login with your microsoft account on the microsoft page Now click on the ZAHNRAD and choose options.
When the settings window is loaded choose device settings from the left side of the window.
Now you can see all the devices which is synchronysing with skydrive in a detailed list. To delet the files you have only to click onthe delet button, and the device will be deleted out of the list.

Important: Already installed apps and settings will not be deleted from your system.


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