Apple Safari shortcut list


If you want to work quickly with Apple Safari you will need some tips and tricks. The hint we are describing here are shortcuts. In this article we will show you the shortcuts for Apple Safari. Apple Safari can be downloaded here->

Apple safari


Apple Safari shortcut list

Manage Tabs and Windows
+t Open new tab
+Shift+[/+Shift+] Jump to next / jump to previous tab
+w Close current tab
+z Re-open closed tab (undo command)
+Option+w Close all tabs except active tab
+n Open New Safari Window
+m Minimize current Window
+h Hide all Safari Windows
+Shift+w Close Safari Window (current window, all tabs)
+`/+Shift+` Jump to next / jump to previous Safari Windows
+q Close Safari (all windows, all tabs)
Address and Search Bar
+l Jump to toolbar (address bar)
+Option+f Jump to find/ search box (top right corner)
Tab/Shift+Tab Cycle between toolbar, search bar, and page elements

▲ up

Browse between Webpages
+Shift+h Jump to home page
+[/+] Jump to previous page / jump to next page
Browse within Webpages
Arrow Down/Arrow Up Scroll page down / scroll page up
Option+Arrow Up/Option+Arrow Down Scroll one page down / one page up (or use space / shift+space)
Home/End Jump to beginning / jump to end of a page
(on MacBook Pro use fn+option+arrow right/arrow left)
command+/ command Zoom in / zoom out
+0 (zero) Zoom to 100%
Tab/Shift+Tab Jump to next input field / jump to previous input field
Option+Tab/Shift+Option+Tab Jump to next link / jump to previous link on page
+f Find on page / find menu on top of page. Press escape to close
+g Find next with find open
+click on link Open link in new background tab
Option++click Open link in new browser window
Option+click on link Download link
Ctrl+click Open Context Menu
Show/Hide Features
+Shift+| (pipe) Show / Hide Toolbar (Address Bar)
+Alt+l Show / Hide Downloads
+Shift+b Show / Hide Bookmark bar
Option++l Show / hide Downloads
+/ Show / Hide Status bar
+Option+a Show / Hide Activity Window
Safari Features and Bookmarks
Option++1 Show Top Sites
Option++2 Show Collections (history, bookmarks, …)
+d Bookmark Page
+Shift+n Add new bookmark folder in bookmark window
+19 Jump to bookmark #1, #2, … from Bookmark Bar
Manage Webpages
+r Reload webpage. Press escape or ctrl+. to stop
+o Open file
+p Print current webpage
+s Save webpage as / export
+i Mail webpage contents
+Shift+i Mail link to webpage
+z Undo typing
+a Select all
+Shift+a Autofill form
Option++t Insert special characters
+c Copy
+v Paste
The Rest
+, Open Safari preferences menu
Option++u View webpage source (close with command+w)
Ctrl+Shift+l with text selected Search selected text with default search engine
Press and hold back / forward button Show list of backwards / forwards entries
Hold option while clicking on back button Open last page in new background tab
+Option+e Empty the cache

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