Nokia Black Update in the overview


Now it is there. Nokia opened the doors for the new Windows Phone 8 Black-Update. The first ones who will get it are the Nokia Lumia 925 und 1020 users – all the others have to wait a little more for the update. The Update will be delivered to users with smartphones all around the world carrier free. So for really all phones – So it is documented on the Nokia-Informationpage.
Every one who haven’t get his one should have a frequently look to the page to stay in touch. The next smartphones will be the Nokia Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920.
The Black-Update will  be delivered in two parts – For first it contains the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update which adds for example the possibility to close apps in the taskmenu, to individualize the short message and noticesounds, better bluetooth and the new cardriving features which helps you to stay focus on driving while managing things on the phone. At least Windows phones will get with the update a better memory management.

The Black-Update from Nokia

The black-update contains even more features and apps which Nokia added in addition to the GDR3 update. The first App is Nokia Beam, which gives you the possibility to stream your screen on any display over a webinterface and Storeyteller, which is an interesting way to showoff your pictures made with the phone.

More interesting features

The App Folder: Some of you got a very full startscreen. For this people the new App folder will be interesting. With this App you can organize Apps in Folders to reach them faster.

Nokia Glance Screen 2.0: This feature have been upgraded very well. Now the pawersaving modus from Nokia don’t shows only the time and if the phone is silent. it shows in addition informations of missed calls, messages, whatsapp messages or other. This means now you will not have to activate the lockscreen of your phone. You will have the informations ion a „glance“.

Nokia Lumia 925 Glance Screen 2, Blick

Nokia Lumia 925 – Glance Screen 2

Bluetooth LE (Low Energy): Now the Nokia Lumias can use this powersaving bluetooth profile. This profile is very good in the use with different kined of fitness apps.

The Nokia Refocus: Take a picture and change after that the focus area. This is also one of the new apps from Nokia.

The Nokia camera: Nokia pro camera and the smart camera are getting one app now. People who had a Nokia Lumia with a pureview-camera this is already normal. For every other Nokia Windows Phone this will be a aprovement for using the camera of the phone. In addition the Nokia Lumia 1020 can take pictures after the Black-Update in the uncompressed RAW-mode (DNG). This is a really cool thing for people, who like to make pictures.

Better picturequality: The foto quality of the Nokia Phones have been optimized too. People who had problems with pictures which are more yellow or another colorbalance problems with the pictures of they’re Nokia Phone will be happy to get this updates.

As we can see this update gives you many features to your Nokia Windows Phone 8. A nice Video which introduces you the new features of the Nokia Black update in action can be seen here:

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