ADATA S510 with 120GB – The benchmark


This article introduces the S510 from ADATA with 120 GB (find it here). Learn more about this solid state drive here.

Introduction for the ADATA S510

With the S510 120GB SSD ADATA is applying its own SSD’s to upgrade your existing system or be build in a new build computer. ADATA is well known in memory segment for they’re RAM-memorys. In this segment they was not a premium provider. This Solid State Drive from ADATA had been set up as a top SSD by the manufacturer.

The ADATA S510 SSD is SATA III compatible and has a SandForce SF -2200 controller. The solid state drive is also backwards compatible, so it can be connected to SATA II and SATA controllers. Cause of its small size of 2.5-inch, the Solid State Drive can be installed in tower computers and notebooks. According to the manufacturer the drive can reach a reading and writing speed of 550MB / s and 510MB / s. In addition, the IOPS value is by 85,000 ( 4K random access). These are , of course, as mentioned above, only the manufacturer’s values. If these values can be achieved in our test lab, we will show you below.

In addition, the ADATA S510 with 120GB have got like most current SSDs, the Windows TRIM optimization command. In this command, Windows deletes the data directly from the flash memory and frees the memory blocks right away. With this technique, data transfer and write performance can be increased and the drive can also gain extra life.

In the remaining specs of the ADATA S510 120GB is similar to SSD’s  from other manufacturers. The SSD is available in two different sizes, 60GB/120GB, and uses NAND Flash ( multi – level cell ). It weights only 76 grams.

Test method

To give you a clue of the SSD-power we did our test with different kind of tools. A list of all tools which we use for our tests can be find here on our site.

The result

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

ADATA S510 - as-ssd-bench-intel-520-120gb-11042012

Crystal Disk Mark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

ADATA S510 - cdm-0fill-bench-intel-520-120gb-11042012

AS SSD Benchmark – Artificial Test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

ADATA S510 - as-ssd-kopier-bench-intel-520-120gb-11042012

Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

ADATA S510 - atto-io-bench-intel-520-120gb-11042012

Atto Disk Benchmark – write – read test with multi access

(Wanna see it in full screen? Click on the picture)

ADATA S510 - atto-overlapped-bench-intel-520-120gb-11042012


If you buy this SSD you will get a Disk Migration Utility-Software (Acronis True Image HD). This Software will help you to mirror your currently used disk on the SSD.

The Conclusion

Like by other tested SSDs the ATTO is the Benchmark with the highest values. But we wanted to know how this solid state drive works by daily use. Here the copy of ADATA could not convince. It ends up in the middle, so is not the first choice if you need a SSD to speedup the Performance of your pc. But what we is really good is the Price. The SSD is much more cheaper than other SSDs with simmilar specs. It is currently about 10 euros cheaper than the Crucial and 20-30 euros cheaper than the OCZ. Anyone looking for a good SSD with acceptable performance, is well advised with the ADATA.

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